10 Writing Tools and Apps for Designers

10 Writing Tools and Apps for Designers

As a designer, you, of course, feel more at home around the creation of images than the written word.

After all, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. What can you do with the written word that you can’t with a well-designed image?

However you may feel about it, as a designer you need to know how to write clear, engaging copy.

Words will always be used in your work, whether it’s a well-placed slogan or the creation of an engaging and useful infographic.

You need to know how to write good copy to give you the work the edge it needs.

Are you looking for help in improving your writing skills? These top 10 writing tools could be just the thing for you.

They’ll help you build up your skills and create better copy almost instantly.


writing tools for designers


1 – Marked2

This tool comes with a free trial and costs $9.99 to buy for full use. As a tool, it’s well worth the money.

It works as a preview editor for Markdown, the most popular rich text format on the web. If you’re not that comfortable using Markdown editors, this can make the process a whole lot easier.

All you have to do is open up Marked2 in one tab, and your text editor in another. As you write, the tool will be able to track changes in the document you’re working on. It works straight out of the box 90% of the time, so once you’ve downloaded it, you’re ready to start working.

It’s simple to use too, so you won’t spend long working out how it works. The creators have spent hundreds of hours getting this together and making sure it’s designed entirely for writers, so you’ll find you’ll get a lot out of it.


2 – UK Writings

As a designer, you’ve got many demands on your time. You’ve got several projects to finish at once, and you don’t have the time or energy to devote towards copywriting too.

Rather than rushing the job and creating something that’s not up to the quality of the rest of your work, get in touch with this writing service.

They have a team of professional writers who can take on whatever you can give them, and create copy that’s professional and competent every time.

Using them means you can focus on what you’re good at, rather than what you’re not.


3 – Write App

Many people are wedded to their phones and tablets, and designers are no exception. If you already use them for your work, you’ll want an app that works on them too for writing.

This app, just called Write, does what it says. It’s a way for you to write, wherever you are. The PC app is free to use, but the mobile app has a one-time charge of $1.99. As apps go, that’s pretty cheap.

The app is billed as your private online notebook. Write in its simple interface, and you can transfer the text to any project you’re working on. Anything you write is private by default, but you can make it public with the click of a mouse if you want.

It also has a distraction free writing mode. This is perfect if you need to write without the temptation to check social media or follow distracting links away from your work.



4 – English Grammar Test

Another app on the list, this tool is totally free to download. As that’s the case, there’s no excuse at all for you not to try it out.

As the name implies, it’s a tool that tests your knowledge of English grammar. If you’re looking to improve your writing skills, this is an invaluable tool.

Excellent grammar is the mark of any good writer so that this tool will help your writing immensely.

The app has a clean and straightforward layout, meaning it’s easy to make your way around it and find what you want.

As you test yourself, the app will let you know what aspects you got wrong, and how you can work on them.

It’s the best way to track your progress as a writer and test yourself to make sure you’re in the right direction.


5 – Write My Paper

Copywriting is a skill you need to have, but did you know you need to have excellent proofreading skills, too?

Your work can be beautiful, but if there’s spelling or grammar mistakes in your copy, it will mar your entire piece.

You can avoid the whole problem by sending your work to these writers. They’ll read it for you, and then edit it if they find any errors.

When you get it back from them, your work will be ready for publication straight away, with no more input from you. It’s great when you’re trying to save time in your busy schedule.


6 – Dictionary.com

This is the original and best online tool for writers. Dictionary.com, as the name implies, is the dictionary presented for you online.

Now it’s at the tips of your fingers, rather than in a dusty old book that you probably don’t even own anymore.

It’s not just a list of words, though. There’s a huge range of writing tools here at your disposal.

Find you use the same word too often? Try the synonym tool to find a better word to use and change up your vocabulary.

There’s also blogs and articles that explain common English usage in an easy to read format. If you’re looking to expand your vocabulary further, there’s a ‘word of the day’ feature you can subscribe too.

Finally, there’s plenty of quizzes for you to try your hand at.



7 – Phraseology

If you prefer to write on your iPad, this app can make the process much simpler all around. It’s just $1.99 to buy for full usage, meaning it’s a tool that’s within anyone’s budget.

At first glance, this looks as though it’s just a simple text editor, but it can do quite a lot within the app itself.

Anything you write can be synced up with iCloud or Dropbox, meaning that you’ll have access to your writing wherever you go, and hardware malfunctions won’t mean the loss of your work.

The app also includes sophisticated editing and writing tools, including live character and word counts, customizable fonts, and an inspect tool that will help your editing tremendously.


8 – Assignment Help

Sometimes collaboration is better than working alone. Working with someone else means that you can bounce ideas off each other, and help each other out when you’re stuck on what you’re trying to create.

Working as a designer, though, you’re on your own more often than not. Who do you turn to when you need help creating the new copy?

This writing service could be the answer. You can either send whole articles for them to critique and edit, or you can go to them with a topic or idea.

They’ll be able to suggest ideas for copy, and even create it for you if you so choose. They’re a good all round company to go with if you want to work with someone on your writing.


9 – Word Counter

Most copywriters will tell you that word count is all important to good copy. Too short, and your copy can’t give the reader enough information to work with.

Too long, and it’ll bore the reader who’ll wander away from the page before they’ve taken in your message. The trick is to get the word count just right.

This web-based text editor lets you do just that. Start writing in the text box, and you’ll get live feedback on your writing. It gives you character and word count, but it can also do a lot more.

It can count how many different words are used, give you an average reading age for your writing, and give you the average reading and speak time for the text you’ve written in it.

If you like to work with hard facts and figures, this tool is for you.



10 – Ilys

Writing can be an arduous process, thanks to something the team at Ilys calls the ‘inner editor.’ The inner editor is what wants you to go back and change parts of your text when you’re in the middle of writing it.

That’s why you waste time fixing mistakes rather than just getting the text down and written. That’s why Ilys was created, to help stop that inner editor in its tracks.

When you use this tool, you can only see the last word that you wrote. It’ll keep track of your progress, but hiding your text from you means you’re not tempted to go back and tinker with it.

It makes the whole writing process a lot easier. Subscriptions start at $10.08 a month, worth it if you’re serious about getting good.



Try these 10 writing tools for yourself and see just how much your writing will improve, with little effort on your part.

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